InsideData Mission

InsideData enables companies to measure and improve the efficacy of their business communication. We determine customer behaviour by analysing the response rates and successful delivery of communication elements. Marketing campaigns, portal usage, statement presentations and invoice payments are analysed to render a customer profile which allows personalised engagements and re-engineers business communication.

we enable effective communication

Research & Assess

Assess the value of your business communication. Determine cost-effective distribution. Get more value per touch point by innovating channels. Utilize resourceful ways to cross-sell and endorse brand.


Gauge the outcome of marketing and communication elements. Find results on response rates. Get feedback on speed of delivery. Receive reports on channel usage.



Analyse results and improve engagement. Refine trends and patterns to understand customer better. Discover new opportunities to reach your served market. Strengthen customer loyalty by being part of individuals’ lives.

We enable success by

Offering business solutions that engage with customers, enrich marketing media and facilitate debt collection. Our solutions assist our clients in retaining their current customers, increase their sales and build their brand. Our success in innovation lies in focusing on a client’s customer data and finding potential in newfound means for effective interaction and communication.

We provide end-to-end solutions

7 Our seven Pillars
  • We create systems, products and solutions that are strategically aligned to the client’s vision of growth. Our offerings and solutions take the client through the journey of our ‘Seven Pillars’; resulting in a final, bespoke solution. It also enables us to focus on specific components where needed, since it isn’t mandatory to utilize all Seven Pillars. These pillars are divided into the following:
  • By fully integrating with our client’s data, we offer a wider variety of value-added services with the emphasis on value creation and adding meaning. These include the design and creation of documents and emails; white space management and data enrichment as well as customer profiling.
  • We have found that the better clients understand and correctly apply their data to their communication, the better the user experience will be.
  • We utilize secure Integration methodology supporting XCOM / Direct Connect / sFTP and also SSL WCF Web Services
  • We enable you to add personalised, targeted advertisements on available, but often unutilized, spaces on documents such as statements. These “white spaces” are harnessed to advertise promotions which are based on the end customer’s profile; these are applicable to print and email. It can be used to either cross-sell products or create profiled customer content aimed at introducing value added services.
  • Apart from creating and managing communications, we also offer payment solutions. Make it quick and easy for your customers to pay their bills via our secure payment gateway. Our solutions include QR codes on statements, secure links to email bodies and secure click-throughs on web portals; our payment methods include debit card, credit card and EFT.
  • We compose strategically aligned documents, HTML bodies, interactive emails, customer portals and more. This includes the option to personalize any composed documents, if required. Our composed PDFs are of high quality while retaining low file sizes, ready for electronic distribution or print.
  • Our multi-channel distribution offerings enable you to make any campaign or communication need more specific. Whether utilizing one channel only or combining these to create multiple touch points in one campaign; your communication is aligned to the main marketing strategy and geared to profiled target audiences. The available distribution channels are: Email / SMS / MMS / Web Portals / Mobi / Print and Post
  • We have created individual Management/Admin Portals that give you access to all your archived data. This facilitates document retrievals, document resending, release management and reporting analytics – driven by mail integrity and audit logging. Furthermore, all actions on the Management/Admin Portal are logged and traced for security purposes.
  • We understand that it is important for our clients to make informed decisions at any given time. Hence, our decision support services allow detailed analytical data and Business Intelligence. We achieve this by means of Machine Learning to do pattern recognition, trends analysis and customer profiling. Extrapolating data to create categories such as ‘Profile by Gender, Education, Spending Patterns’ etc. enables you to streamline your communication, even make changes to existing campaigns and adjust these to a changing audience.

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