Case Studies
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Case Studies

Phillipus De Witt Communication

Customer: Phillipus De Witt
Industry: Stockbroker
Buyer Persona: Financial Services
Author: Bridget Trask
Publish Date: 10/10/2023.

Phillipus De Witt Client Communications Re-imagined.



Philippus de Witt (Pty) Limited is a stockbroking firm in Johannesburg South Africa.


Philippus de Witt (hereafter referred to as PPM) is, a Member of JSE limited, approached one of our existing clients asking for a reference of a supplier they use to distribute their communications whose services they are happy with. They were given the information and gave a wonderful appraisal of InsideData as being a great and sufficient service provider.


PPM reached out to InsideData in Aug 2023.


InsideData invited PPM to their offices to present their current offerings for the stockbroker community. They gave PPM a demo of the Digibroker platform and explained its benefits to clients. InsideData proved their capabilities by successfully delivering a proof-of-concept project in September 2023.


Next, InsideData needed to deliver on their promise of efficiency. They managed to take the data processing and setup of all templates and data received from PPM, which currently took four weeks, and complete it in a shorter timeframe. The setup was complex, but the InsideData team member responsible for the project ensured that all data was processed within the timeframe and ready for the October release deadline for contract notes and monthly statements. This transition did not affect the end client, as InsideData met all deadlines in a professional manner and kept PPM informed and satisfied throughout the process.


The Story of Phillipus De Witt


PPM was receiving a lot of customer complaints and concerns about their tax distributions. They were looking for a supplier who could help them improve their distribution process and reduce the number of customer complaints. One of InsideData’s existing clients referred PPM, and they were impressed with InsideData’s user-friendly system and the high level of customer satisfaction they achieve.


The Challenge


Initially, the company was operating as usual. However, customers began to complain about their tax documents, stating that they were unable to view the correct information or open the encrypted documents. This was a problem because customers needed to send the documents to SARS, and the encryption made them inaccessible without a password. As a result, customers had to print, scan, and email the documents, which was inconvenient, time-consuming, and frustrating. The company then approached InsideData for help.


How InsideData Responded


The answer is simple: InsideData puts its money where its mouth is and delivered a proof of concept that delivers and exceeds promises in terms of efficiency, process, price, and innovation.


The Results


  • Increased efficiency with the process and showing the client how user-friendly the Digibroker system is:
    • Email Applications
    • Archive of data and templates
    • Branding awareness, Privacy, and security
    • Reporting
  • Reduction in Cost – this means more funds are available for investing in other initiatives.
  • Existing clients have the immense benefit of receiving an improved service as the platform enables customer journey mapping. This means clients get more insight into the day-to-day operations of an investor, from request to fulfilment. The system is user-friendly, easy to access and with back-end support, and the client always has access, with a Service Desk team ready to help when required.




If you have faced any of the challenges and obstacles above, speak to our Insurance Industry specialist, Bridget Trask and follow us on LinkedIn. All solutions are tailor-made, and we look forward to hearing more about your business.