Digital Transformation
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Digital Transformation

Paper-based administration is slow, cumbersome, complex and siloed. By its nature, the gathering, storage and communication of information from a legacy system involves queues, errors and unnecessary duplication.


Complexity comes with a cost – excessively manual processes, printing costs, time wasted, among others. A paper-based administration also suffers from a lack of data exchange between departments, redundant information requests, policy disharmony and siloed views of inter-departmental service delivery projects.


Finally, there is also the excessive use of printed paper, travel costs and time taken to hold face-to-face meetings that can draw out project timelines seemingly indefinitely.


Africa has a young population that is increasingly familiar with digital technology. InsideData’s/UniPrint’s digital transformation solutions solve the problems inherent in legacy administration setups by:

  • Setting up a centralised, secure database to eliminate duplication in information storage and provide a quick, easy way to access a variety of types of data about the population.
  • Providing an information hub to drive communications and transactions of all types.
  • Collecting accurate and meaningful population data using biometric solutions such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.
  • Using this population data to produce electronic data that underpins the issuance of ID cards, passports, drivers’ licences, bank cards, application forms, etc.
  • Drawing all this together to manage national communications with citizens across various channels, including print, electronic and digital.
  • Providing the basis for effective and comprehensive national marketing and awareness campaigns.

Digital transformation holds the potential to radically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public sector administration in Africa. InsideData/UniPrint have the experience and skill to create and implement a roadmap for governments to digitalise their processes and services in a way that is secure, compliant, cost-efficient and beneficial for both administrations and citizens – no matter what the base case.

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