How we do it
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How we do it

We understand that a good reputation and strong relationships is what makes your business work. We also understand that building and maintaining your reputation and these relationships take some work and a good understanding of your clients’ needs, business strategy and communication goals.

We put in an extraordinary effort to understand your strategy and communication goals and make recommendations on how to make your customer communications work at every interaction and at every touchpoint to turn these interactions into lasting relationships.

We will guide and assist in integrating your customer communications with your business processes and goals.  InsideData utilises a relationship model that facilitates the engagement with our clients on a strategic, contractual and service delivery basis. It embraces the concept of account management and delivery management, as encompassed in Client Service Management. We govern accounts from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective ensuring focus from executive involvement to team leader functionality. This includes building and managing the relationship between clients and InsideData to reflect a true partnership approach.


Our Customer Communication Solution has been developed to meet all our clients’ unique communication requirements. The foundation of our solution is a generic home-grown product platform called BluePrint, this platform is scalable and serves a range of customers across various sectors including finance, insurance, telecommunications and retail.

What differentiates InsideData and our SaaS (Software as a Service) BluePrint platform from our competitors, is our complete coverage of traditional paper-based, electronic and emerging digital channels. Our presence in this industry over the past decades has allowed us to develop a matured product offering which is backed by a highly capable operational team and unparalleled expertise in the field. A high-level illustration of the breadth of the BluePrint solution is provided below: