Document Storage
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Document Storage

Legal Storage

Each respective communication is stored in its dispatched state, in real-time. Thus, authenticity and integrity are maintained and the document retains its status as legal and binding. Our technology and solution ensures that the communication is not recreated upon request but is documented and stored for your protection. Call centres can access the system and email the communication directly to the customer.

Digital Storage

Apart from distributing and ensuring the legal authenticity of your communications, we also provide a secure storage environment for you to easily manage and monitor the health of your master files and digital originals. Using remote digital storage will reduce operational costs, improve your business processes and enhance your reporting and compliance.

Tracking and Reporting

Be constantly informed on your customer communications process and be cognisant of successful deliveries, cost reporting and more. Every reporting cycle generates information that you can use to better understand your customers and learn how to properly engage with them.

Document Composition
Document Storage
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