A message from our Chairman, Peter Mageza
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A message from our Chairman, Peter Mageza

InsideData Group will heed the national call to arms in these unprecedented times.

In his address to the nation on the 9th of April 2020, the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, stated: “I am keenly aware of the impact that this (lockdown) will have on our economy”. He further stated that “I would like to call on all businesses to continue to pay their suppliers, to the extent that they can, to ensure that those suppliers can also continue to operate and pay their staff and suppliers”.

We, at InsideData, heed this call and commit to continuing to play our role as an essential service supplier to the banking, insurance, stockbroking, retail and telecommunications industries with a full appreciation of our critical role in the economic value chain.

In the midst of insufficient data, less than accurate information and uncertainty about the future impact of this pandemic, continuous communication with your staff, clients and other stakeholders is key to maintaining the correct narrative. We at InsideData are willing to play our part by bringing our full communication platforms to assist our clients to disseminate their messages as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Please reach out to us to assess and find the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your business.

All essential InsideData staff, are either working from the safety of their homes or on the factory floors and are providing the same, if not more, value to our organisation during the nation-wide lockdown. We have dedicated teams of InsideData volunteers who are stationed at our factory in Selby that have nobly taken on the task of running the operational aspects of our business, including the printing, packaging and delivery of essential artefacts. We also have a core of dedicated staff members who work from our factories in Cape Town and Durban as and when the need arises to print, package and deliver essential artefacts.

The Shareholders and Executive Management of InsideData Group are determined to ensure that each entity within the Group continues to make its contribution to the economy in these incredibly tough times. We are determined to continue to provide our clients with the services that they are accustomed to; we are determined to continue to pay our suppliers for the products and services that we receive from them; we are determined to continue to pay our staff their usual wages and salaries. We are determined not to contribute to the further decline in our economy.

InsideData Group echo’s the words of President Cyril Ramaphosa in saying that “As we walk this road together, as we struggle to defeat this pandemic, we remain strong and united and resolved.”

Our resolve and determination are captured in the message from Jeff van der Watt, our Group CEO, sent to all staff; “together we will overcome, and we will come out the other side of this epidemic stronger, closer and determined to see our Group flourish and prosper as it has never before!”

As an organisation and as a part of the greater South African economy, we will continue to remain strong, united and resolved.

Be blessed and stay safe!
With best wishes

Peter Mageza
CHAIRMAN, InsideData Group

We are available to assist you with any additional communication needs. Should you wish to raise any questions or concerns, kindly contact your InsideData Client representative. Alternatively, your concerns may be directed to incident@insidedata.co.za