Covid-19 Awareness
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Covid-19 Awareness

Johannesburg, Gauteng, 20 March 2020

The InsideData Group is continuously tracking the developments of the global COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) outbreak.

The InsideData Group is prioritising precautionary and preventative Health and Safety measures for all staff and business partners, as their well-being is of utmost importance to us as an organisation as well as the provision for your services. We would additionally like to provide peace of mind that we are doing what we can to ensure our service to you continues without interruption.

We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our business continuity plan in reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic. As you may be aware the COVID-19 virus has been declared a National Disaster by President Ramaphosa. In consideration of the Presidential announcement, we have expanded our preventative measures over and above those already in place.

The measures implemented and decisions taken by the InsideData Group are as follows:

      • An ongoing awareness campaign to all staff members was instituted on 10 March 2020 to keep our staff updated on current developments regarding COVID-19. Additionally, the campaign advises staff of health measures to be taken, the symptoms of the virus as well as preventative measures suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
      • The Executive team of the InsideData Group has adopted an agile approach to the response and measures required for the outbreak. A COVID-19 response committee has been implemented with direct access to the InsideData Group Executives to ensure quick and responsive action.


      • Restrictions on all business travel, international and local, has been enforced for all levels of staff:
        Air travel for business purposes is banned.
        Staff were advised to avoid travel on public transport. This is not feasible in all cases but staff have been advised of additional precautions that should be taken when using public transport.
        Staff are to limit their attendance at conferences and events. All non-essential attendance has been cancelled.
      • Restrictions have been implemented for internal and external meetings:
         Staff are to make use of available technology to host meetings wherever possible (Skype/Microsoft TEAMs).
         Internal meetings are to be limited, with the use of available technology where possible (Skype/Microsoft TEAMs).
         Physical interaction at all meetings is to be kept minimal, use of an “Elbow Greeting” is advised.


      • InsideData Group has engaged with our suppliers regarding the availability of stock for physical materials. We are assured that there will be sufficient stock available to meet our client’s needs with dedicated support from our Suppliers.
      • Staff will remain home in any case of sickness. InsideData Group will be lenient on the working sick leave policy for all staff during this time.
      • Certain staff are equipped to work remotely. While some of our staff are not able to work remotely, InsideData group is working on a solution if the outbreak is escalated by the South African government.
      • All members of staff will be receiving 2 bottles of clinically approved alcohol-based hand sanitiser (70% concentrate) for use at work as well as in their homes as a preventative measure.
      • Medical advisors have been engaged to offer all staff members an immune booster inoculation as a preventative measure.
      • Our cleaning teams have been provided with clinically approved alcohol-based sterilisation (70% concentrate) solution for day-to-day cleaning. The frequency of cleaning has been increased.
      • The WHO hygiene practices have been posted around the InsideData group offices. We value your partnership and wish to continue to provide you with excellent service. We trust that you and your families, friends and colleagues are safe and remain in good health during this time.


We are available to assist you with any additional communication needs. Should you wish to raise any questions or concerns, kindly contact your InsideData Client representative. Alternatively, your concerns may be directed to