What we do
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What we do

Bulk personalised communication

Make things personal and get every message delivered. Our ever-increasing and ever-evolving smart bulk customer communication platforms span:


SMS, MMS, WhatsApp


Email, Web, API


Digital Print, including Transactional and Print on Demand, Direct mail and Courier service

Whether you choose a specific channel or use our smart channel hopping solution, our extensive bulk communications get your message to the audience. Whether you send a personalised invitation for an exclusive event to a few top clients or send monthly invoices and statements to millions of customers, we ensure that your communications reach the recipients efficiently and cost-effectively while strengthening your brand reputation and supporting measurable bottom-line growth.

Apart from optimising communication delivery with investments in the latest high-quality, high speed printers, emailing software and smart mobile solutions we additionally ensure that tracking and feedback of campaigns and communication runs are instantaneous and always available.

Our expert consultation process aligns your business processes with your customer communications and our state of the art customer communications management platform, BluePrint enables true end-to-end coverage across channels and all our smart technology solutions like:

Document Composition
Document Storage
Data Recovery Management
Ballot Voting