Email marketing still one of the most effective marketing tools
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Email marketing still one of the most effective marketing tools

Email marketing still one of the most effective marketing tools

Communication channels have evolved rapidly over the past few years, but one of the oldest remains one of the most effective – email.

If you were considering removing e-mail as a touchpoint in your communication journey, think again. Email marketing not only enables you to stay connected with your customers, but also influence their sale decisions.

According to Hubspot’s latest statistics, email generates an astounding 3 800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.

More evidence of the effectiveness of email as a communication and marketing tool is revealed in the statistics gathered from various sources:

In conclusion

The statistics above prove overwhelmingly that email communication delivers results and influences buying decisions in the retail industry. Email’s success rate increases with personalisation, video, a striking subject line and adding call-to-action buttons.

According to WebFX approximately 72% of people prefer to receive promotional offers through email.

You can use email marketing to develop relations with current customers, or to reach out to potential customers. Email marketing allows businesses to keep their customers informed, and to customise their marketing messages accordingly. This extremely versatile communication channel is also one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich forms of digital marketing today. It’s potent, persuasive and brings results, from retail and ecommerce to B2B.

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