InsideData Makes Printing Personal
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InsideData Makes Printing Personal

InsideData Makes Printing Personal

Although we have seen a tremendous shift from print to digital in the past few years, it is essential to highlight the importance of printing, specifically Variable Data Printing – which includes printing payslips, statements, invoices, and promotional material – and its role in the customer communication journey.

Many businesses have developed applications and software to help them reach their customers more frequently and conveniently on their digital devices. However, this has led to compromising the personal touch and personal relationships built with customers from their first, mostly, very personal interaction with your business. Yes, we can’t deny that the global shift to digital has changed the way we interact; in addition, many businesses are still struggling with true personalisation in digital applications. However, we must also not ignore the possibility that most customers still desire a very personal engagement with businesses, especially in the financial, legal and corporate industries.

We are a customer communications company that uses both digital and print solutions and methods to improve customer communication for our clients, so they are empowered and able to better reach their customers. The shift from print to digital has provided us with an opportunity to place a huge focus and emphasis on improving the way we deliver our print service to our clients and allows us to shine a light on the benefits and features of printed transactional documents. Bringing us to Variable Data Printing – making combining transactional data and promotional messages so much easier.

Variable Data Printing is a digital printing process that is used to create individualised direct mail pieces in a single run, based on one or more data elements fed into the system. Our VDP (Variable Data Printing) technology allows us to use customer data (this information is stored securely in our secure, firewall-protected vault) to create highly personalised documents with customised messages for each customer. The process is fully automated, and the equipment performs at high speed, ultimately helping to eliminate unnecessary wastage and costs.

Businesses that have moved their communication online need to seriously consider the missed opportunity in not using printed transactional documents as a means for meaningful customer communication. In a time where there is so much noise and distractions, it is imperative that customers feel like they matter to their service providers, and bringing back that personal, tactile and tangible element of print is a good start in gaining their loyalty and advocacy again.

Make the switch to InsideData today and make a statement in your customer statements.

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