Last-minute marketing to earn your piece of the ‘Black Friday’ pie
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Last-minute marketing to earn your piece of the ‘Black Friday’ pie

Last-minute marketing to earn your piece of the ‘Black Friday’ pie

Black Friday marks the start of Christmas shopping, with major marketing drives to promote huge discounts by retailers and businesses to entice shoppers to buy products and services both online and offline.

Black Friday specials often start a few days or even weeks before the actual date (27 November 2020), but in most instances, campaigns run until a few days thereafter, at least until Cyber Monday.

According to BankservAfrica, consumers spent R6 billion on this bonanza day last year – exceeding retailers’ expectations.

How do you maximise your marketing efforts at this late stage?

    • Think outside the box with your e-mail marketing campaign. E-mail marketing is still rated as one of the most effective promotional channels for sales. According to WebFX, approximately 72% of people prefer to receive promotional offers by e-mail. Hubspot’s latest statistics indicate that e-mail generates an astounding 3 800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.Utilise your database and e-mail list to send unique, personalised e-mail messages to your previous, existing, and prospective audiences. It is important to create attention-grabbing subject lines that do not sound too promotional as these end up in spam folders. Also, make sure that you adhere to local and international direct marketing standards such as the POPI Act (SA) and GDPR standards (EU).Send those imaginative e-mail messages at a fraction of the price, making use of the huge Sweet Summer discounts of up to 50% offered by InsideData and earn a great return-on-marketing investment (ROMI).To drastically increase your sales, rely on InsideData to send, send and send those messages before, during, and after Black Friday and to track your e-mail marketing efforts.


    • Push those SMS notifications and reminders
      According to statistics published by ManyChat, 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, making SMS one of the best mediums for time-sensitive messaging. And text marketing CTRs can run as high as 30%.Stay connected and keep your audiences informed about your offers, effectively utilising SMS promotions. Think of pre-sales invites, send special offers with unique promotional codes, offer hourly deals (or flash sales), run competitions, include call-to-actions with links and announce limited stock to entice buying and increase sales.If you run an e-commerce store and find your customers are abandoning their baskets due to stock unavailability, consider sending them updates when new stock becomes available, when stock runs low or is about to expire. You will definitely get them to be more reactive.Drastically increase your sales with a bulk SMS campaign. Make use of the InsideData Sweet Summer discount of up to 50%, and monitor your results from start to end.


    • Use creative MMS bursts to deliver your messages
      The success of any brand’s marketing strategy hinges on their ability to stay ahead of industry trends and reach their target audience.With the versatility of mobile platforms, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) campaigns are gaining momentum. Utilising MMS, brands can explore marketing solutions beyond the text-based limitations of SMS and distribute multimedia content such as pictures, music, or video.Drawing on combinations of various brand elements, MMS campaigns with rich content enhance customer engagement.Bring your products to life, utilising creative, short-burst MMS to showcase your Black Friday product(s) and promote flash sales as it happens. Benefit from the amazing Sweet Summer Promotion of up to 50% bulk MMS discount offered by InsideData.


    • Add a last-minute tangible promotional product catalogue
      Print-on-demand short runs make it possible for you to add that last minute tangible, promotional product catalogue.With on-demand printing, you can print promotional catalogues as and when you require and amend your files with every print run as you need to adapt your promotional offerings.Although we live in a digital-first environment, many shoppers still prefer a tangible catalogue in hand.InsideData strives to make your last-minute Black Friday-marketing ‘sweet’, offering hassle-free, hugely discounted direct marketing up to 50% and a print discount of up to 25% for a great return on your marketing investment.


Contact InsideData today +27 (0)11 611 5000 or visit to sign up for your Sweet Summer promotional marketing and printing discounts.