Save BIG with back-to-school digital printing
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Save BIG with back-to-school digital printing

Save BIG with back-to-school digital printing

The process of digital transformation is unavoidable for all modern-day educational institutions who have to address the needs of their digital native learners. They are the first generation to grow up surrounded by technology ranging from smartphones to tablets and various apps, compelling schools to innovate, offering various online solutions and in many instances, e-textbooks. The coronavirus pandemic accelerated this transformation.

However, research has found that there will always be a need for printed materials, be it for a specific purpose, task or for better comprehension. It does not matter how technologically savvy the next generations will become; there will always be a place for print in a child’s and student’s academic year.

Benefits of digital printing for schools

Schools, universities and colleges still print a great deal, documents ranging from school diaries, enrolment documents, customised study guides and textbooks, as well as yearbooks and newsletters.

Digital printing not only provides a quick turnaround but enables educational institutions to print smaller customisable quantities on demand while getting high-quality finishes at affordable prices.

BIG cost savings for schools

Digital printing is a far more economical printing method that can save educational institutions a great deal of money:

  • Digital printing requires much shorter set-up times and fewer materials than traditional off-set printing, thus drastically reducing operational costs.
  • You can print different versions of a document with variable data, pulling data from a database to customise each printed item, for example, when you want to print personalised diaries for each grade. No additional set-up is required for each custom item.
  • You can print short runs on demand thus just enough of a document, textbook, or diary as and when required. Not only is this a cost-effective printing method, but it also eliminates the need to store large quantities of printed materials.

Materials most suited for digital printing

The flexible, quick turnaround, short-run and on-demand benefits of digital printing make it ideal to print:

  • Customised handbooks, study guides and other teaching materials
  • School diaries, directories and yearbooks
  • Marketing and communication material such as orientation handbooks, brochures, newsletters and magazines.
  • Administrative documents and forms such as application forms
  • Stationery
  • Extramural activity brochures and information sheets and many more

Professional digital back-to-school printing and Sweet Summer discounts 

It is not too late to order your school or educational printing now, or even in early January!

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