The best way to affordably print and sell your book – Book publishing on demand
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The best way to affordably print and sell your book – Book publishing on demand

The best way to affordably print and sell your book – Book publishing on demand

Technology is developing at a rapid pace and changing many established methods of accomplishing tasks and completing projects. The print and publishing industry is an excellent example of an area seeing these changes and innovations. One of these technologies that have been changing the print and publishing landscape is on-demand high-speed digital printing that increases book printing efficiency and profitability.

What is Print-on-Demand (POD)?

Print-On-Demand is the biggest revolution in book printing, making it convenient and affordable for self-published authors and even publishers to print and sell their books straight to stores and readers around the world. With on-demand printing, books can be distributed without having to print and store hundreds of books, drastically reducing overhead costs.

As Wikipedia defines POD, “print-on-demand is a printing technology and business process in which book copies are not printed until the company receives an order, allowing prints of singular or small quantities.” In other words, only print your books once the demand has been established.

There are numerous benefits for publishers using digital inkjet on-demand printing, as discussed below.

Print a variety of book formats

Print-on-demand is suitable for printing any book genre – textbooks, instruction or product manuals, novels, and even graphic novels. With this simple and easy technology, you can print and publish any manuscript, in any size or colour, including high-quality photographs or illustrations.

Publishers can maintain constant inventory levels

A book never has to be out of print. The book files are kept online, and only the required number of books are printed, when needed. Publishers can thus easily manage stock levels as demand for specific titles increases or decreases.

Quality, variable data on-demand printing for easy customisation

Today the quality of digital inkjet printing is just as good as that of traditional offset printing. Smaller publishers or self-published books can look only as professional as any book published by major publishing houses.

On-demand, variable data digital printing allows for easy customisation of colours, design, as well as the content of covers, insert pages and more. A variety of pre-and post-equipment allows for various binding types, the ability to have jacketed and unjacketed hardcovers and an array of trim sizes. To top it all, publishers can apply changes when required, keeping content fresh and current.

It also allows for easy updates of titles or any information in the book at any stage and any number of times.

Print-on-demand stock management

As noted earlier, print-on-demand technology makes it possible for any size publisher to print any number of books, at any given time. Order quantities can be fulfilled on-demand across the globe. POD also allows for pilot or test runs of a book, by first printing short runs to determine the demand. Therefore, it is easy to manage stock levels, never carrying excess stock that cannot be turn around, but yet having the ability to produce new stock as and when required.

When books are published on demand, it is formatted across multiple platforms to easily be sold on the author or publisher’s own website, through other online retailers, and on physical shelves in local bookstores. Whether the idea is to sell print copies to bookstores or merely having an e-book with the possibility of making a print version in the future, POD services offer the most flexibility in book distribution.

Print-on-Demand reduces financial risk

Print-on-demand reduces the publisher’s financial risks in printing and bringing a book to market. There is no longer a need to predict the demand over time. POD combines a pay-as-you-go strategy, which limits financial commitment, with the ability to test the demand for specific titles.

Publishers large and small use POD today as part of their overall business plan to test demand of a new author, genre, or even market test a book’s format by making it available in hardcover and paperback or offering both cover options.

Thanks to the pay-as-you-go option and demand-, POD helps business owners make informed decisions about content, book marketing plans and financial outlay.

In Conclusion

Print-on-demand is the most efficient and convenient method of publishing. It has taken over the publishing world and most authors—especially first-time authors—are using on-demand book printing to publish their works. Because of its flexibility, print-on-demand has become the preferred choice for many professional authors as well.

A manuscript is an author’s most valuable creation. Hence, getting complete control and seeing the book go through the entire publishing process can be the best feeling ever. Publish your work the way you dreamt it to be, you wrote it; you decide how it should be made.

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