Transform everyday transactional customer communication to drive profits
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Transform everyday transactional customer communication to drive profits

Transform everyday transactional customer communication to drive profits

Today’s innovative digital on-demand, production inkjet printer technology, featuring workflow automation and a high degree of personalisation, makes combining transactional data with promotional messaging so much easier.

Everyday customer communication such as transactional printing (bills and statements) can easily and quickly be transformed into effective marketing vehicles. This capability offers a huge opportunity for your business to add customised promotional content – cross-selling and upselling – to individual statements.

According to a 2019 report from Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends, “transpromo” (transactional promotion) is one of the top ten growing applications worldwide.


Enhanced customer experience

Transactional, marketing and communications teams that tap into easy, cost-effective transactional promotional print opportunities can help drive profits and rewards. Transpromo plays an important part in the modern customer journey, and the total customer experience.

Leveraging full-colour, personalised, on-demand transactional print as a key communication touchpoint to share promotional messages can set you apart from your competitors. Using colour to make your statements easier to read, sharing relevant offers, incorporating charts and graphics can make information clearer and improve your customers’ experience.

Smart print for better communication

Today, many of the savvier financial institutions and retail groups use transaction statements to reduce call centre interaction, drive changes in behaviour or promote ancillary services. The functionality of full-colour transactional printed statements and direct mail is starting to overlap.

Variable data and colours are major trends in the transactional print space – today’s consumers expect simplified content with relevant information to their personal habits and history.

You can take your customer experience one step further with transaction statements embedded with QR codes and augmented reality (AR). QR codes can guide customers to the exact location they need to be and deliver on-demand data of their shopping habits to help you know your customer better (KYC). AR, on the other hand, enhances the customer’s experience, communicating with better, clearer explanatory messages which improve the customer satisfaction via this touchpoint.

Year-end multi-channel communication promotion

Utilising your everyday transactional mail to announce and share year-end sales promotions and messages – and including call-to-actions to send them to the various communication channels to obtain more information – can help convert interactions into sales.

Leverage transactional printing to share your summer promotions

Digital transformation hogs the headlines, but transactional mail is still crucial for doing business effectively.

According to Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends, 2018, 95% of people still check their physical mail daily.


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By: Gerda Heyman, 24 November 2020