When you need your customer communication to do more, say more, be more.
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When you need your customer communication to do more, say more, be more.

Johannesburg, Gauteng, 10 March 2020 – Every business needs to engage with its customers. In the digital age there are several channels of communication, but many of them are not suitable for every type of communication. What organisations of all types need is a Swiss army knife of communications – a single, integrated toolset which will cover all customer communications scenarios and requirements.

An insurer may need to send documents to customers by email, while a government department has to send notifications of licence renewal dates either by hard copy or SMS. But what happens when the insurer has to send instant notifications of an imminent hailstorm to vehicle owners or the government department has to send documents or web links to certain stakeholders?

Having access to a variety of communication channels is only half the solution. InsideData provides a comprehensive and integrated customer communication solution spanning messaging creation and format choice to delivery, storage and retrieval of all outbound communications.

What does this mean? It means having an expert on hand to act as the touchpoint between customer and business or organisation to make sure that communication is effective, efficient and meaningful. This leads to lasting positive impacts on brand reputation and customer experience.

“No matter what type of communication or customer journey is required, whether it be brand marketing, new product introductions, claims correspondence, renewal notifications or bill and payment notifications – our expertise is getting businesses to take a customer interaction journey from simple push messaging to real, interactive communication. We have 30 channels for clients to choose from, and these can be combined to create complementary and direct messaging that will create lasting personal relationships with customers,” says InsideData’s Chief Commercial Officer Edward Sewnarain.

According to Sewnarain, organisations from unions to banks, retailers, educational institutions, hospital groups and debt collectors could enhance their customer communications and responses by improving their direct messaging capability.

“A properly designed customer communications suite enables real interaction with customers by providing choices and self-service options. This is a relative rarity in South Africa and makes engagement that much more meaningful for customers when offered as an integrated bouquet,” he says.

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